Jumat, 14 Maret 2014

Personal Description

Hello Everybodyyy .... 
My name is a mega Brilianingrum. You can call me mega or Brilly. I am 21 years old. I was born in Jakarta on 27 January 1993 ;) 

The name of my father is Sholihin Noor and my mother is Mrs. Erviana Murni. I was the third of five children. I have two brothers named Aunur Rofiq Rahman and Moh. Aulia Ainur Rohim. I also have two sisters named Iffa Masfufah and Irma Farhanah. We live in Mekarsari, Depok. I am very proud and happy to my family. They have always supported me in everything. Therefore, I want to appease them my whole life :')                                          

My hobbies are traveling, singing, and drawing ;) 

I'm a student at the Faculty of Economics University of Management Department in University of Gunadarma. Why I chose the Department of Management because I want to learn the science of management and I look forward to being a career woman. Seventh semester, I had the opportunity to intern at Bank of Indonesia with friends. I got a lot of lessons and experiences there. Therefore I had the dream to be working at the Bank of Indonesia. In addition to the lectures, I also work part-time on campus became the Committee for admission of new students (PPMB) ;) 

Hmmmm ... I have a lot to say about my self. Not be complete if I don't introduce my boyriend. He is Totok Teguh Pramono. He is very caught my attention during the first half of December. In addition to being a boyfriend, he could also become a partner in learning. Our communication very good. And I hope we can become my life partner later :) ;) 

My resolution in 2014, I can pass a Bachelor of Economics and then bring in the world of work. In addition I would like to continue to learn happiness of everyone especially my parents. My dear, I Love Mama and Papa :'*

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