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Membuat kalimat

Membuat kalimat dari kata yang sudah ditentukan dan harus menggunakan kata (cat, can't. should, shouldn't)

1.        Can
You are can read a book in the Library. >> You are allowed read a book in the Library
You are can learn history in Museums of Jakarta. >> You are allowed learn history in Museums of Jakarta.
You are can play in the garden at the holiday Park. >> You are allowed play in the garden at the holiday Park.
We are  can eat in the Restaurant at any time. >> We are  allowed eat in the Restaurant at any time.
We are  can shop for clothes at the Mall. >> We are allowed shop for clothes at the Mall.

2.        Should
You should be diligent to go to Library. >> You expected to be diligent to go to Library.
You should learn history in Museums. >> you expected to learn history in Museums.
You should keep the Park clean. >> You expected to keep the Park clean.
If you are hungry, you should eat in a Restaurant. >> If you are hungry, you expected to eat in a Restaurant.
If there is a discount, you should shop at the Mall. >> If there is a discount, you expected to shop at the Mall.

3.        Can't
You can't be loud in the Library. >> You permitted to be loud in the Library.
We can't be noisy in the Museum. >> We permitted to be noisy in the Museum.
We can't sleep in the Park. >> We permitted to sleep in the Park.
We can't dump in Restaurant. >> We permitted to dump in Restaurant.
We can't throw away trash in the Mall. >> We permitted to throw away trash in the Mall.

4.        Shouldn't
you shouldn't eat in the Library.
We shouldn't sleep at the Museum.
We shouldn't  dirt Park.
We shouldn't make noise in the Restaurant.
We shouldn't burn the Mall.

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